Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is a Program Agenda?

Before getting into the details about a Program Agenda, I thought it best to define it. First of all, the overall schedule of events that occur during an event gathering is called a Program.  The written schedule of planned activities, their duration, and person(s) assigned to present or lead that activity within the Program, is called the Agenda or the agenda of the program itself.

The Program Agenda serves two purposes:  1) as an outline or roadmap of the activities that the attendees can expect to occur during the gathering and 2)  as a visual guide for the presenters themselves, to help them know where they fit in the overall Program and how much time is allotted for their respective presentation or activity.  A Program Agenda shows the duration of each activity on the Program so that it starts and finishes on time, and flows.

From start to closing, the entire Program can take anywhere from an hour to a full day or more, depending on its purpose. The gathering can take the form of a meeting or a more formal event that is usually put together by an organization or company.  Program Agendas are often used in functions that include a sit down meal.  A Master of Ceremonies (Emcee) is often used as a coordinator or orchestrator of the Program.  He/she serves as the glue between each activity, helping the attendees enjoy the Program by explaining who or what's up next on the Agenda.  A good Emcee follows a carefully designed Program Agenda, keeping the Program flowing and on time, while maintaining an upbeat mood. The Program Agenda acts as a roadmap for the Emcee (and presenters) to follow and a framework for attendees as to what is going on in real time. 

With careful  planning and dynamic execution of your Program Agenda, chances are you will "nail it" and all the participants, sponsors and attendees will be looking forward to next year's event.

Irene P. Zucker
VerbaCom® Executive Development

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