Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eliminate Your Negative Thoughts to Alleviate Stress

A friend sent me via email, a cartoon by Randy Glasbergen depicting a doctor advising his overweight patient "What fits your busy schedule better, one hour a day of (stress relieving) exercise or being dead 24 hours a day?" While this was humorous and brought a chuckle, the implication is very serious. With all the negative news in these uncertain times, it's difficult to forget deadlines, small budgets and projects where your career hangs in the balance, much less stay positive. If you're a Manager or group leader, it becomes a challenge to motivate a staff that is overworked and is having to do more with less. If you're a team player reporting to a Lead, with the threat of possible cutbacks looming, tempers can flair and morale often takes a dive. Eventually, negative thoughts leading to stress, take hold of even the most positive worker. Stress affects different people in different ways but, if not dealt with, the end result is always the same: one's health suffers. Rather than taking stress pills or downing a couple of shots of tequila to "calm down," try simple mind techniques to eliminate the very negative thoughts causing your stress, as suggested by Dr. Benson of Harvard Medical School:

How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts And Ease Stress Video

Ok, so this is too "out there" for you - something the New Earthers are involved with (not you). The idea here is to TRY SOMETHING that works for you. Another technique you may want to try is to become aware of your body's negative reaction to outside events as they are happening and train yourself to immediately relax using a technique that works for you. Here's another suggestion:

How to Relax Your Body to Reduce Your Stress Levels Video

Again, whatever works for YOU and eases your stress, whether it's music, exercise, meditation or sitting quietly while breathing slowly, you can't afford to risk your health. Just DO something about it. Your health depends on it.

Irene P. Zucker
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